(cba:news) New Stars for December

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Dec 8 17:40:05 EST 1999

OK, it seems that no one particularly wanted to revive AO Psc or V709 Cas
for encore performances.  I give up, let's move on.

Just heard a report that DV UMa erupted - now that's a very happy thing!
DV UMa is an eclipsing dwarf nova, so the eclipses enable mapping of the
origin of the accretion disk light (i.e. its precise location in the
disk).  Definitely the top priority for us.  We got fair coverage of the
last outburst in 1997, but just enough to whet the appetite.  

The other main star for coverage is Tau 2, suitable before DV UMa rises.
Early coverage suggests a superhump, always nice to find (because they're
illegal) in these long-period systems.

I promise not to crave anything else, if we can only get coverage of these
two stars (both around 14.8 I think; moon's outa the way, so should be
fairly easy).

But for southerners, CN Ori season has started.  That's the best target
for long runs these days from the south.  

My parole hearing comes up in 12 days.  Trying to stay on my best


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