(cba:news) solstice 98

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Jun 21 07:44:18 EDT 1998

Dear CBAers,                                         June 21, 1998.

About to leave on a 10-day trip.  Perhaps I'll see some of you at the
ASP meeting.  And speaking of the ASP, their meeting next July (1999)
in Toronto will highlight Amateur-Professional Collaboration, and
we'll use this as an excuse for us to have our first official CBA
workshop.  Dates are July 1-7 I believe.

Reminder re V592 Cas.  Back in the northern sky pre-dawn. Very nice for
smallscopers.  The other good target for smallscopers, at all latitudes, 
is V603 Aql.  Astride the celestial equator and even brighter, at V=11.6.  
Lasse has already started the season, let's keep it going with
long nightly time series.

AM CVn season is over.  Very nice results, preliminary stuff up on the
website.  New TT Ari paper also posted there.

Definitely still want pulse timings on HP Lib = EC1533-1403, AM CVn's
kissin' cousin.  Very fine target for australites through August, and I
hope some low-lying borealites as well.

The fast pulsators AO Piscium and FO Aquarii are back in the morning
sky for everyone.  Wonderful targets (V=13.5) for brief observations; 
2 hours gives a high-quality pulse timing.

Back in 1993 and 1994 we had some fine times with RX1940-10,
subsequently named V1432 Aql.  This is the not-quite-synchronous AM Her
star.  It has very large photometric waves (about 0.9 mag) which may
put it on your radar screen despite the star's faintness
(averaging about 16.0).  Bob Fried has been diligently observing this 
star, but we need a lot of help from other observers.  Good target
throughout June-September.                        


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