(cba:news) The XTE 2123 watch

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 23 14:16:30 EDT 1998

Dear CBAers,

Let's keep this watch going for at least two more days.  There is some
evidence that the star is entering a new state - brighter in X-rays,
fainter (alas) optically.  Definitely bursting.  Not a target for
smallscopers, admittedly.

Other stars on the marquee now are V1432 Aql = RX1940-10 and V1315 Aql,
and pulse timings of AO Psc, FO Aqr.

Jerry Gunn has put together a very impressive streak on V603 Aql.  This
one remains a good target for small scopes for the next two weeks.


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