(cba:news) CU Vel erupts

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Feb 11 11:37:52 EST 1998

Dear CBAers,

In particular, southern gentlefolks.

We've been waiting for a long time for CU Vel to erupt.  No superoutburst
photometry has ever been properly published, and the timing now is
perfect.  It has been at mag 10.9 for 2 days now - that's *almost* enough
to certify a superoutburst, and if it's bright (say brighter than 11.5)
for a third night, tonight, then it's definite (unless this star is quite
different from the usual pattern).

The timing's great now, with the star crossing the meridian near local
midnight.  So have a go at it!  Coords and chart in the original
Downes and Shara (Feb 1993 PASP).  Exact 2000 coords are 8 58 35.8, -41
47 51.  The field right around the variable is clear, but the region is
crowded so try to identify your comp star with precision.

'Nuther CBA message coming later today.  By the way, I lost email for about 
8 hours last night, in case you sent anything critical.


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