(cba:news) V1504 Cyg

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Aug 4 18:18:42 EDT 1998

Dear CBAers,

I wanted to add my voice to Tonny's recommending photometric coverage of
this little studied dwarf nova, now probably in superoutburst.  If I 
understood my recent mail, it was clear tonight in the Crimea and Belgium,
and now let's follow up with a good run from the norteamericanos!

I think the lunar invasion has knocked out RX1940-10 for the next 4 nights.
By that time we'll have a chance to see whether the V1504 Cyg watch yields
the hoped-for waves.  Elena Pavlenko's first report was positive - but at
a period rather longer than the expected 0.07 d.

V Sge's a nice target for the *really* bright nights, too.


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