(cba:news) campaigns du jour

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Apr 13 14:53:57 EDT 1998

Dear CBAers,

Well, we have a real bolide streaking brilliantly across the CBA sky.
Last night Jonathan found a huge (1.7 mag) photometric wave in MV Lyrae,
which is in a semi-low state at magnitude 15.5-16.  This wave seems to
be at something close to the 3.2 hr orbital period, but that remains to be
seen.  It's a great, great morning object for CBAers of all apertures.

The other stars we are doing intensive campaigns right now are HP Lib
and AM CVn.  HP Lib is the higher priority - we've never gotten (nor has
anyone else) any extended-longitude coverage of this star.  It's bright
(13.6) and equatorial (dec -14) and the period is plenty fast (1119 s)
to keep your light curves sparkling.

Finally, for the bigscopers, there's MM Hya.  This guy is flashing both
orbit and superhump simultaneously, and with large amplitude (about 0.2
mag).  Getting late in the season, but we keenly want another 2-3 weeks
on it before waving goodbye to it.  That's the same as Hya 1, or
PG0911-066, by the way.

Plenty of fine stars up there!


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