(cba:news) Mister USNO 1425, etc. etc.

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Sep 15 18:59:44 EDT 1997

Dear CBAers,

The Europeans are doing fairly well with this star but the hump amplitude
is low and we really, really need help from USA longitudes!  (And any other
longitudes that happen to be lying around the planet.)  Tonny got two long
runs the last two nights that show the weak superhumps.  Observations over
the next few days should decisively resolve the alias structure, and
observations over the next few weeks are likely to be of great value.  The
period is near 81 min - but when the period is *this* short, we're
mighty interested in the decimal places!

Still around mag 14-15 I believe.


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