(cba:news) AQ CMi outburst

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Mar 30 17:17:15 EST 1997

G'day CBAers,

My reply to Tonny's query re AQ CMi is that this star doesn't deserve the
coverage now.  Last year's coverage was not that great, but we did observe
humps on 7 consecutive nights, giving a quite adequate baseline for
defining the period.  There are more subtle issues which our coverage
wouldn't address, but they would require very great coverage, which is
probably unfeasible this late in the season.  I'd recommend AM CVn as the
top priority target these days (since few observers can do EG Cnc), with
the 15-hr boys (EC1533-14 and LX Ser) also quite yummy.

Pretty bad weather in South Africa this week!  But it's a 3-week run.
Onward through the fog.


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