(cba:news) observing materials and such

Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Thu Mar 13 20:53:46 EST 1997

Hi CBAers,

Within the next two days I'll make charts available for the following
stars at the CBA web site (GIF, PS, & PS.GZ as usual):

AM CVn, CP Eri, CR Boo, EC 1533, HS Vir, LX Ser, RX 1940, Ser 1, & T Leo

If you prefer hard copies of the charts (these, or the entire collection
which will number about 30 or 35), please let me know shortly as I leave
Saturday afternoon for 6.5 weeks.

I have copies of Duerbeck available upon request and I'd be happy to send
you one if you don't already have one and would like one.

Several of you have mentioned a desire to have the Palomar-Green survey
since so many of our objects are to be found in that survey.  I should
make copies of it available upon request, but do realize that every chart
is but a single square inch of often very poor contrast with the blue
object marked (apparently) somewhat hastily by hand with a pen.  I don't
necessarily recommend it except for die-hards with a mighty good
magnifying glass within arm's reach.

Any nonprofessionals who don't yet have a copy of Downes & Shara, or the
papers on northern secondary stars by Misselt and by Henden & Honeycutt,
and would like one or all should drop me a note requesting them.  As I
believe Joe said earlier, we plan to have copies of the new catalog by
Downes, Webbink, & Shara available in the near future.

The CBA Reader is prepared and will hopefully be mailed to all
nonprofessional CBAers within the next 2 days.  It will include lots of
interesting stuff on CVs, CCDs, and other items of interest.  Let me know
your thoughts on this when you get it!


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