(cba:news) old stars, new stars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Mar 12 03:01:22 EST 1997

Hi CBAers,

Long "target star" letter comin' up.  Here's the summary.

DW UMa.  Turn out the lights, the party's over.  Was fun while it lasted,
but let's move on.                                        

EG Cnc.  Bob Fried's data shows that it's definitely still humping
(with 0.3 mag amplitude) at mag 18.  This is awfully enticing.  But we
have very, very little data on it recently.  Can you possibly help us
with this?  Star's faint but amplitude's big!

T Leo.  Back "at minimum" but still bright enough to do (15), and a
potential echoer.  Let's go for at least another week.

AM CVn.  Mag 14.1 and always pulsing with 525 s.  Easy target, let's
start accumulating pulse timings.

EC1533-1403.  Mag 13.6 and always pulsing with 1119 s.  Also easy, good
morning target and let's get goin'.

V803 Cen.  Main southern target for our South African run March 25-
April 14.  Snapshots of great interest too.


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