(cba:news) flashy stars for cold nights

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Jan 18 18:46:13 EST 1997

Hello CBAers,                                             1/18/97

Well, Alon Retter starts his eight-night run tomorrow night in Israel,
so this is our best chance for a northern-hemisphere "Whole-Earth" run
on the prime targets: EG Cancri and BH Lyncis.  At January 18.2 EG was
at V=14.9 and dropping; I expect it to be at 15.7 tonight and about
16.1 the next couple nights.  So you small-scopers out there, I imagine
you'd prefer to do BH Lyn (about 14.9 out of eclipse).  Do consider EG,
however; the damn thing is continuing to echo and wave and generally
demand attention.  Tonny Vanmunster managed to get 7.5 hr on it last
night, a mighty fine start on our coverage of the latest echo.

Go CBAers, brave that cold and Olde Whiteface, blow all aliases to
kingdom come.


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