(cba:news) feb 19-22

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 14 14:15:38 EST 1997

Dear CBAers,

Got some really fine data a few days ago on EG Cnc at mag 17.1,
courtesy of Daves East and West.  Fine superhump pulsing away at the
usual period and phase.  So that calms my last week's anxiety about
this sucker!  (Sorry you have to endure such things so regularly.)

We decided to declare BH Lyn followed by DW UMa the objects of choice
for the Wise Observatory (Israel) run during February 19-22.  So these
should definitely be the choice targets for everyone during, say, the
18th through the 23rd.  Especially for observers at longitudes far-
flung from Israel!

Alon is basically going to go "1st half on BH Lyn, 2nd half on DW UMa".
That would be fine, but of course very long runs are really desirable -
so you could go that route instead.

We will be starting spectroscopy on EG Cnc tomorrow.  Star, don't erupt
on us now.

Leaving for South Africa in a few hours...


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