(cba:news) november delight

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 20 13:54:20 EST 1996

Hi CBAers,                                               Nov. 20, 1996.

Some very fine data on PX And = And 1 appearing on my computer screen
many mornings!  A full newsletter will be ready in just a few days, but
in the meantime I wanted everyone to know that this star has been an
absolute winner.  Negative superhumps, wobble periods, fine eclipses.
I hope you'll follow it into its deepest lair and drag every last
secret out of it.  The observing season is getting kinda late, so I
wanted to clue you on this ASAP.

We like the bright comparison star 3 arcmin north of the variable.

The star is a bit faint, around 15.3 I think, so it's tough for the
smallest-telescope observers out there.  FY Per and RW Tri would be
better targets for the smallest scopes and lesser-quality nights.


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