(cba:news) QY Per

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Dec 10 18:46:09 EST 1996

I'd like to second Tonny's call for observations of QY Per, assuming it's
still bright (say mag<15.5 or so).  The present reported outburst may be
short or long, but is certainly of great interest if it's long (which
is more or less equivalent to the "still bright" criterion).

Meanwhile, PX And continues to be totally delightful, with a positive and
negative superhump.  Try very hard to get it in the evening sky for the rest
of December.  Did people like the last swath of data I sent?  If you like,
I'll send the whole season's data (with and without eclipses), so you can see
what the double-superhumpers look like (only two so far, this and V603 Aql).
I might take another 6-10 days because I'm still waiting for some cross-
calibration data (the many-observatory splices can be trouble without
simultaneous data).


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