(cba:news) that wavy crabby star

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Dec 6 13:21:34 EST 1996

EG Cnc gets a little spookier.

We were curious about the slight difference between the photometric
periods reported by the CBA (0.0572 d) and the one reported from
Osaka (0.0582 d).  At first we thought it might just be the low
amplitude (i.e. confounded by flickers).  But we exchanged data, and
the merged data set shows obvious signals at 17.46+-0.11 and 33.36+-
0.11 c/d.  There are no aliasing worries, since this is really global
data (Belgium-Chile-Maryland-Arizona-Osaka).  So the two signals appear
to be very far from commensurate.

Dave Skillman reports that he saw large humps around December 5.4.  So
it looks like THEY have arrived.  Dum-dum-da-dum.

Sorry for the slang.  That was a drumbeat.

I dunno the period yet.  Believe it or not, to find that out I have to
meet him in front of Radio City Music Hall tonight at 7:45.

I TOLD you it was getting spookier...

Please join us in observing this interesting little star which is
likely to teach us quite a bit during its three weeks of fame!


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