(cba:news) program stars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Dec 2 23:30:46 EST 1996

G'day CBAers,

Just came back to town, heard the news about EG Cnc just a few hours ago.
I've studied Jonathan's data, and the star's definitely waving.  But he
can't of course get a period from the south, so this is for the northerners
to jump with alacrity on.  Lemme know what you get!  Better yet, send me the

And don't forget PX And in the evening sky.  Very nice performer, quite a
beauty, in the northern sky.  At 15.1 but showing quite LARGE superhumps.

And for the southerners, RR Pic is showing large-amplitude (0.17 mag) waves
at mag 12.5, so it's a great, great target to do, especially now when we are
getting long coverage on it from Chile every night.  Australians and New
Zealanders take notice!

More later when I've learned more.


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