CBA Center for Backyard Astrophysics

Brief Notes on Recent Research Results

Superhumps in Cataclysmic Binaries. XXIII. V442
Ophiuchi and RX J1643.7+3402 - CBA Preprint (PDF)

The 2001 Superoutburst of WZ Sagittae - CBA Preprint

Rapid Oscillations in Cataclysmic Variables. XV. HT
Camelopardalis (= RX J0757.0+6306) - CBA Preprint (PDF)

Superhumps in Cataclysmic Binaries. XXII. 1RXS
J232953.9+062814 - CBA Preprint (PDF)

Orbital Light Curves in CVs (an atlas averaged from CBA

Hump Zoology in CVs (as seen by CBA

1RXS J232953.9+062814: A Dwarf Nova with a 64-minute
Orbital Period and a Conspicuous Secondary Star - CBA Preprint

WZ Sge Reawakens!

Superhumps in Cataclysmic Binaries. XXI. HP Librae (= EC
15330-1403 - CBA Preprint (PDF)

Accretion-Disk Precession and Substellar Secondaries in
Cataclysmic Variables - CBA Preprint (PDF)

Superhumps in Cataclusmic Binaries. XIX. DV Ursae
Majoris - CBA Preprint (PDF)

XTE J1118+480 - The UMa Teransient

Superhumps in Cataclusmic Binaries. XVIII. IY Ursae
Majoris - CBA Preprint (PDF)

Takamizawa V85 (= IY Ursae Majoris) Hits the

DV Ursae Majoris - Under the Knife

V803 Centauri, A Helium-Rich Dwarf Nova - CBA Preprint 

AM Canum Venaticorum - The 1997-1998 CBA

Superhumps and Accretion-Disk Precession in TT Arietis: submitted May 1998 
(Astrophysical Journal, Letters)

AM Canum Venaticorum: The 1998 Campaign

MM Hydrae: One of the Last
PGs Cries Wolf

BG Canis Minoris: Ten Days 
of the Pup

Ursa Majoris 6: A Bright Disk 
at High Latitude

TT Arietis: Gone Positive! 
(The 1997 - 1998 Campaign)

FO Aquaraii: King of the DQ
Her Stars (A World of Pulse Timings)

PX Andromedae: World's Most
Famous SW Sex Star (The 1996 - 1997 Campaign)

The Orbital Period oF AM
Canum Venaticorum: submitted October 1997 (Astrophysical Journal, Letters)