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    Re: Who's watching what

    From: Joe Patterson <>
    Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 19:40:58 -0500
    Yeah, clear everywhere in the southwest, it seems.  I'm observing a new 
    DQ Her star from Kitt Peak, since the CBA coverage of TT Ari is so good 
    - last night, "good" is a vast understatement.  I suppose the ideal is 
    to have 2 (or maybe 3, to indulge in a luxury) same-region observers on 
    it, to give room for error - equipment failure, sudden clouds, etc. 
    It's a pretty important night for TT Ari, with two more Galex windows 
    (430-500 and 610-640 UT).  But I'd love to have some help with the rapid 
    Last night was pretty much pure quiescent TT Ari, as most of you know. 
    I'll send out a spliced light curve to all of you in a couple of hours.
    Probably a good night for cba-chatter.  BTW Koji Mukai has secured 
    another 25 ksec of Swift X-ray time.  We have to get a *little* lucky, 
    but we hope to get part of this at pure quiescence, and part in one of 
    these flares.  Not yet scheduled, but probably will be in the next few days.
    Jerry Foote wrote:
    > Again another clear night. I can either continue with TT Ari or tackle some
    > of Joe's pulsers. In previous seasons I have measured RX0022+61 and RX063+35
    > and can bring my data up to date on these. With GALEX watching TT Ari it
    > should have some priority.
    > Jerry Foote
    > Center for Backyard Astrophysics-Utah
    Received on 17 Nov 2009