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    Re: high speed photometry, long runs, and CCDSoft

    From: Joe Patterson <>
    Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 12:24:46 -0400
    Tom Krajci wrote:
    > I have a problem when I take short exposures with CCDSoft.  I can only tell
    > it to take 1000 images.  With a cycle time of 12-13 seconds...that means I
    > need to restart the operation within about 3 - 4 hours.  Makes it tough to
    > get a full night's sleep.
    > One person made a script for me where I can specify a large number of images
    > in the iteration loop...but for some reason, it defaults to 1 minute
    > exposures...nothing shorter...even though exposure time is not specified in
    > the script (?!?)
    > How have other folks gotten around this problem with CCDSoft?
    I dunno the answer to Tom's question.  However, 3-4 hours is enough to 
    give a quite sensitive detection - assuming there's a signal to be had - 
    for these high frequencies.  Thus, a reasonable observing strategy is to 
    do the fast sampling say one night a week (and lose a little sleep that 
    night), and spend the rest of the time with some more judicious choice 
    that will let you sleep.
    When the fast signals reappear, then it's different - then we need some 
    long adjacent nights with fast sampling (and excellent timekeeping of 
    course) to determine the new period, etc.  My quick analysis suggests 
    they haven't reappeared yet.
    Received on 21 Sep 2007