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    Stars of April

    From: Joe Patterson <>
    Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 13:07:12 -0500 (EST)
    Dear CBAers,                                              4/3/99
    Well, NS Per was certainly a bust, and AK Cnc may or may not have been,
    but we'll probably never know - the coverage seems to have been weak
    (unless some of you are holding out on me) and we had better abandon it.
    Getting a little late in the Cancer season.
    Also getting late for Gemini - relevant since U Gem finally erupted.  I
    had hopes for U Gem this year, and Bob has been sporadically looking
    since December.  I was hoping for something in the January-March window,
    however - April's a little late for getting long runs.  Nevertheless, U
    Gem is a good choice for smallscopers.  Fire away. 
    Down south, Rod Stubbings reports V803 Cen quite bright (12.6), and I
    imagine that Stan has been covering it if he's getting any decent weather.
    That brightness level is probably V803 Cen's version of a superoutburst,
    so the star is probably flashing some lovely superhumps right about now.
    We've never managed to see them on more than isolated nights, so it's now
    a great opportunity to get long, dense time series.
    Other stars.
    SW Sex.  Jerry Gunn and Cap'n Bob got some great data, and we have a great 
    orbital light curve; but no superhumps.  Gone for the year, no regrets.
    NY Ser = Ser 1.  Ooooo.  A beauty.  CBAers have been slow to discover this 
    wonderful star; be the first on your block!  Gets awfully faint (18th)
    but then flashes large-amplitude humps.  Should also do so in superoutburst,
    though we've never seen it yet (the Japanese did).  I strongly recommend
    this star for bigscopers, and for everybody when it brightens.
    UW CrB.  At magnitude 19.7, probably no one wants to try this one.  But
    if anyone does, you sure will make me a happy camper!
    AM CVn.  We still haven't got an orbital (1028 s) timing this year, 
    needed to work out the long-term ephemeris.  Need more coverage!
    T Pyx.  Darragh O'Donoghue is starting a week's coverage of T Pyx on
    Monday in South Africa.  It would be great to get some time series at 
    other longitudes (AU/NZ and the Americas).
    Received on 3 Apr 1999